Mephistopheles (mephisto_pheles) wrote in emperorhorde,

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Punch posers in the nose

I'm starting a 'Punch Posers in the Nose' campaign. If a wannabe metalhead comes up to you and acts like he's kvlt and tr00, but underneath he's really just a Linkin Parker who thinks that Slipsnot are the greatest thing to happen to metal, PUNCH HIS ASS IN THE NOSE! I'm sick of dumbass people who have no goddam clue when it comes to music trying to fit in. Some moron a couple months ago told me that Dimmu's DCA was a "kickass debut album." What the fuck. We need to make a pledge to slap the shit out of morons who come near us and waste our air. Every poser that should've been a blowjob needs to die. I don't have time for a guy trying to argue that Slayer is a person. I'm really fucking fed up and I want some action taken.
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