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Punch posers in the nose

I'm starting a 'Punch Posers in the Nose' campaign. If a wannabe metalhead comes up to you and acts like he's kvlt and tr00, but underneath he's really just a Linkin Parker who thinks that Slipsnot are the greatest thing to happen to metal, PUNCH HIS ASS IN THE NOSE! I'm sick of dumbass people who have no goddam clue when it comes to music trying to fit in. Some moron a couple months ago told me that Dimmu's DCA was a "kickass debut album." What the fuck. We need to make a pledge to slap the shit out of morons who come near us and waste our air. Every poser that should've been a blowjob needs to die. I don't have time for a guy trying to argue that Slayer is a person. I'm really fucking fed up and I want some action taken.
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is kicking allowed? i can do more damage with my boots :D
Buenas nachos, mamacita. Como estas?

Yes, kicking is allowed. Just act out any random Cannibal Corpse or Gorerotted song and your mission will be complete.
esta bien. i think that's the end to my knowledge of spanish... i do know some french though! (j'ai un singe dans mon pantalon)

sounds like an excuse for me to get some more people in the hospital! :D
I agree..

Okay. First step is to ban all black metal from America. :]
What about Absu?

... aside from them, give'r.
There are quite a few really great bands from the States, however, there IS A LOT OF CRAP..
Some moron a couple months ago told me that Dimmu's DCA was a "kickass debut album." ... I don't have time for a guy trying to argue that Slayer is a person.

Oh fucking shit. That's hilarious. I'm not much of one for violence, or anything illegal really, but I think I would have to kill someone for either offense.
"Some moron a couple months ago told me that Dimmu's DCA was a "kickass debut album." - Hey, at least they were talking about the new Dimmu album, rather than the new Disturbed album. They're trying not to suck, at least give them that. I mean yeah, go ahead and punch them, absolutely, but make sure to send them home with a copy of 'Anthems'. They'll figure it out.
Doctor, I believe you owe me something....(bad joke, sorry.)

Why ban all black metal from America, Blackacidevil?

No, it's not good that they're talking about fucking DCA. The same thing happened a couple years ago with Tool. People got all hyped on one song and bought tickets to the shows. I dunno about you, but I can't stand being at a 2000 person concert and 1500 of those turds are there for 'that one song they play on the radio.'
I completely agree with you there.
I hate nothing more than that shit.
What about AIDS? I would hate AIDS more, if I had AIDS at least.
Looks like ya got me on that one.
I'm pretty sure I'd hate AIDS too if I had it.

Deleted comment

Haha. Shit, man, I listen to Sugar Ray on occasion. I'm a Juggalo. I have Dizzie Rascal's album playing right now. Tr00 kvltness isn't about being 'nothing but black fucking metal!' for some people. I have a very wide taste in music. I listen to what I like, I listen to what speaks to me, but in no way do I parade around pretending to be something I'm not. When I say I'm metal, I'm fucking metal. All you have to do is see my tats, shirts, cd case, or hold an intelligent conversation with me about the genre and you'll realize I'm the real shit. I don't dress 'metal' other than a black shirt with a band logo scrawled across the top, but for some reason all the kids that frequent Hot Topic give me a lot of space when I walk past them on the street.

While I'm at it, pretending to be something one isn't is the main problem with Christianity. These people wear their crosses and stick a fish on their car bumper and think their invincible. They think that just because they claim a certain faith, they ARE that faith. Actions speak louder than words, and from what I see this whole planet is full of ignorant hypocrites who are gonna roast in hell according to their precious little dogma.

I dunno if I made any sense, but that's the general idea I wanted to get across.