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News On Emperor Cds...

Candlelight Records has set October 19 and November 2 as the reissue dates for EMPEROR's four genre-defining albums. "Wrath of the Tyrants", "In the Nightside Eclipse", "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk", and "IX Equilibrum", all currently out of print in the U.S., have been reworked with additional bonus footage and material unavailable on both European and U.S.-licensed versions.

In documentary style, each of the four recordings have been enhanced with live and studio footage. "Wrath of the Tyrant", being part one, "includes very rare, exclusive footage of pre-'Nightside' rehearsals plus live outtakes from our first tour (in support of CRADLE OF FILTH, 1993)," says guitarist Samoth. "In the Nightside Eclipse", part two, "includes edited material from a live show in Oslo for the song 'Towards the Pantheon', as well as various other clips from live recordings in 1997."

"Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" "starts off with a band interview on Finnish TV talking about 'Anthems' and then various live clips from 1997-98, including cool clips from the Dynamo Festival," continues Samoth. "Part four, 'IX Equilibrium', starts off with a clip from the No Mercy Festival tour and then follows us to the U.S. for our first and only headline American tour in 1999." "IX Equilibrium" concludes the four-part enhancement series with a clip from the Mystic Festival in Poland, the final EMPEROR performance.

Earlier this year Candlelight reissued THOU SHALT SUFFER's "Into the Woods of Belial". The album pre-dates the official birth of EMPEROR and marks the first time the record has seen proper U.S. release. On August 24, Candlelight will release "Emperial Live Ceremony", the DVD version of the band's only official live recording. The 70-minute, high quality universal-zoned DVD was filmed at London's Astoria Theatre
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Good find.
Finally, some news worth reading.
I'm gonna have to remember to keep $400 handy come the end of the month.
FUCK! FUCK! SON OF A BITCH! I just completed my collection, finally, literally 2 months ago. And of course, the one album that got ripped off this past weekend was Prometheus, the album that ISN'T getting reissued.

This does, however, ive me a chance to get my hands on a copy of Emperial Live Ceremony. I borrowd it from a friend once... soooo good.
My collection is sorta complete. Nightside and IX Equilibrium are burned copies. I've got the rest. I found the ELC DVD last year on century media's website for ten bucks, but the sound quality (volume, not clarity) is fucked up. I have to turn my system up full blast just to hear the fucking thing.
I have no actual Emperor cd's, all of my stuff is burned, though I do have Emperial Live Ceremony. Why did Trym and Samoth have to make Zyklon? ;_;